AboutCKS Residential

Cary, NC

Established in 1988, CKS Residential is a privately held company that has a long history in making fine furniture, specializing in kitchen design and remodeling and custom cabinetry. We draw our inspirations from all of the history in fine furniture making that North Carolina has to offer. Our skilled craftsmen and finish people have attracted people from all over the world with their exquisite work.


Our people comprise of construction experts and professional craftsmen truly dedicated to their work. We carry plenty of clout and a unique craftsmanship that stands us apart. The family like atmosphere we have created at CSK Residential Cary has allowed us grow in size as well as well as increase the superlative processes of our kitchen designs and custom cabinetry.

We offer the flair and expertise required for quality kitchen designs and custom cabinetry. We know what is required to breathe your dream into reality. From conception, design, construction, management as well as completion, we have all bases covered.

Every one of our custom cabinetry pieces are grafted by hand to absolute precision. Our facilities are well-resourced and well-sustained so that we can continue to produce an impressive assortment of panels, hoods, islands, custom cabinets, homemade furniture and more. We have been in this business for 30 years and our tradition of churning out quality kitchens and cabinetry has never wavered.

KitchenDesign & Remodeling in Cary, NC

Great kitchens do not come by accident, they happen by patient design and remodeling. We build kitchen models that complement your home in terms of beauty and functionality. When you approach us with your vision of your ideal kitchen, we bring it to life. We can transform your kitchen by adding an island counter top or customized cabinet. We are the number one choice for kitchen design and remodeling in Cary.

The kitchen is the heartbeat of the home. We fully understand the importance of recreating your kitchen space because of the prominent role it plays in day-to-day life. Are you looking at a modest upgrade or want a total remodeling of your kitchen sphere? You can trust us to get the job done. There are no limitations when it comes to what you want your perfect kitchen to be.

Whatever is on your mind, as long as you have the room for it, we can do it. You deserve your dream kitchen and we are ready to help you achieve it!


We are experts in custom kitchen renovations and have the know-how to improve the all-round appearance of any kitchen. We believe that the best-looking kitchens are complemented with breezy and beautiful cabinetry. The custom cabinets & kitchen design that we make are created in our workshop less than an hour’s drive from Cary.

A main reason why you should use our services is because we give you exactly what you want. We do not burden you with unimaginative cabinets that dampen your beautiful home. Nor do we saddle you with undersized cabinets that fall short of meeting your storage needs. We have options in a variety of styles including: paint colors, door types, cabinet stains as well as wood polishes.

Every piece we make is carefully crafted to prefect precision. Our capable craftsmen and installation experts are ready to turn your lifestyle space into stunning reality. Your family and friends will shower you with compliments when they see what we have done. Our top-of-the-line custom cabinetry gives you that oomph!