Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill homeowners have relied on the expertise of CKS residential since 1988. For decades CKS residential has been a fixture in North Carolina. Our long history of kitchen renovations and custom cabinetry is reflected in our beautiful high-end designs. With our professionalism and skilled craftsmanship your kitchen will be impeccable. We pride ourselves on being able to create a design that will give your space the perfect aesthetic with cabinetry that is built to last. .


Our experienced kitchen design team is constructed of professionals who have perfected their craft. Our staff is dedicated to ensuring your home has the custom aesthetic you desire while remaining the functionality of your kitchen. Our expert team will use their long-term expertise and talent to create high end, polished looks that will turn your space into a showpiece. The family-like atmosphere experienced at CKS Residential has enabled us to grow in both size and quality with our custom cabinetry and kitchen designs.

All of our custom pieces are hand-made locally and exude sheer quality. Our facilities are well maintained so that we can produce custom cabinets, panels, hoods, islands and built in furniture to execute your vision flawlessly.

ChapelHill Kitchen Design & Remodeling

We specialize in adding luxury, beauty and functionality to your home. Our credible staff with decades of experience will bring your vision to life! Bring us your ideas and we will turn them into a reality. Remodeling your kitchen will be seamless and easier than ever with a few custom touches. Our custom cabinets and island counter tops will give your kitchen a personal touch while maintaining functionality. Give us the opportunity to upgrade your life by adding simplicity, beauty and personality to your kitchen.


Our custom cabinetry will transform your kitchen into a space that is fresh, timeless and high end. With our expertise there are no limits when it comes to kitchen upgrades. We believe that new cabinetry is the best representation of a fresh start. Created in our local workshop, we work hard to construct the perfect cabinetry that will compliment your vision with precision and beauty. Your ideas will be turned into an immaculate showpiece that will impress future guests for years to come!

When you chose CKS residential for your custom renovation in Chapel Hill, you are making the conscious decision to work with a family-oriented company who will put your needs first and execute your vision in a professional manner. Together we will transform your kitchen into a chic, timeless attraction and provide you with a quality experience that will exceed your expectations.